A New Trips Trailer for the Georgia Conservancy!

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Support Georgia Conservancy's efforts to upgrade our trips trailer & camping gear!


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Support Georgia Conservancy's efforts to get more Georgians outside for education and conservation adventures! 

The time has come for an upgrade! The Georgia Conservancy's Stewardship Trips gear is showing the strain. The Stewardship Trips trailer (our hitchhiker) is nearing antique status with ten years and tens of thousands of miles traveled on Georgia's roads - all in the support of outdoor education and adventure! The countless shuffles and reshuffles of coolers, tools, tents, oyster steamers, gear bins, and (at least one or two) cases of local beer have worn out the old workhorse and, after many repairs, we are looking to replace this once trusty steed with something more road worthy. Likewise, our gear bank of tents and sleeping pads have witnessed dozens of campsites, sheltered hundreds through numerous rain storms, and provided comfort to many a tired environmental explorer.

Support the Georgia Conservancy's statewide Stewardship Trips program in our efforts to connect Georgians to precious places, creating conservationists as we learn, recreate, and break bread together. Please help us purchase a new Trips trailer and upgrade and add to our gear bank of tents and sleeping pads. Your support will allow our Trips gear to travel in comfort and our Trips participants a cozy night's rest after a day of paddling or service work.

Donors to our Trips Trailer Fundraiser will have the option of being recognized with their names added to the new trailer.  

Thank You and Happy Trails!!

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