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Your donation will support adults and children impacted by domestic violence in our community.


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The Crisis Center is honored to be presenting for the South Metro Denver Chamber's TANK event.

We are seeking $5,000 to help support our Immediate Client Need Fund, providing support for unexpected, emergency needs like rental assistance, car repairs, new tires, medication, childcare and court expenses for people experiencing domestic violence.

In our work with adults and children impacted by domestic violence, we have seen how one setback can derail the progress a client has made on their path to safety, physical and emotional healing and greater well-being.   For example, unexpected car repairs lead to not being able to get to work; which leads to a lack of income and inability to pay rent or purchase food; which leads to concerns around maintaining safe and stable housing.  

Couple that with recent data from Money Magazine ( stating that 40% of Americans find it “somewhat difficult” or “very difficult” to afford typical household expenses, and these setbacks can be detrimental for someone healing from domestic violence.

That is why, in 2019, we established our Immediate Client Need Fund.  Outcomes of providing clients with these funds is to prevent and/or reduce the risk of homelessness as a result of unexpected financial burdens, as well as ensuring clients can ultimately continue working towards safety, greater well-being and improved mental health.

The impact is clear: “There are so many obstacles to leaving an abusive relationship, finances often being at the top of the list. Having a fund that can offer financial assistance to address an immediate need has had a huge impact on my life.  Assisting with my rental deposit has helped us get a fresh start in a new apartment away from my abuser and make sure my daughter could stay at the school she knows and loves.  Your support was literally life-changing.” 

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