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January through June 2024 I am participating in the Stark Naked fundraiser. This is a chance for me to be simply my best, healthiest self while fundraising for a cause that holds personal importance to me.  

I lost my Dad, Charles "Chuck" Williams to lung cancer on November 19, 2022. Then 10 months later on September 11, 2023, I lost my friend, Alekhine "Kine" Uy to the same disease. 

My Dad was 74 and Kine was 46. Both too young to be taken by lung cancer. 

They were really exceptionally good men on this earth taken by the same senseless disease. Each of them leaving behind loving families that included their incredible wives and children that made them proud - each with a son and daughter and extended friends and family who absolutely adored them. 

Heartbroken by these losses, I initially seized the opportunity to contribute in a small way by participating in the GO2 for Lung Cancer 5k in October 2023. I am now committed to assisting those who may face this same lung cancer tragedy within their own families through the Stark Naked fundraiser.

Will you help me reach my fundraising goal by making a donation today? 

Any amount makes a difference and I'm appreciative of your generosity. 

GO2 for Lung Cancer relentlessly confronts lung cancer on every front, every day. Your donation will fund the excellent programs of GO2 dedicated to:

  • providing one-on-one assistance to patients and families
  • improving health policies
  • leading national advocacy efforts
  • delivering access to screening and care
  • conducting innovative research

I miss and love My Pops every single day and think of him whenever I see a Coca-Cola truck drive by which always happens whenever I need him in that moment (I know it's a sign from him since I never use to see them before his passing). It always puts a smile on my heart and I say to myself, "I see you Daddy!"

My friend, Kine loved to run (a lot) and I would see his and his awesome wife, Cecilia's Instastories of them happily running together and I would think to myself "I really need to get back to running" and I never did. Well, beginning on October 2, 2023, I decided to run/walk at least 1 mile each day for the next 46 consecutive days to honor every year of Kine's life he graced us on this earth. After the 46th day, I continued running for myself with a new habit Kine helped instill in me. 

Thank you for your support, love and kindness! 

Have a McDonald's Coca-Cola for Chuck (My Pops Favorite!) and go out and have a gentle run or walk for yourself and Live a really good life just Like Kine. 

Rest in Peace, Daddy and Rest in Aloha, Kine. 

Thinking of you both in my head and my heart always. 

Simply Grateful, 



Both are pretty cool dudes with their own cool hashtags!!!




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