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Help a Mother Out needs our help to keep getting diapers to the families who need them the most!


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Every baby deserves a clean diaper.

Times are tough right now, but I think this is something everyone can agree on. No mother or caregiver should have to keep their baby in dirty, soiled diapers simply due to lack of affordable access. That's where Help a Mother Out (HAMO) comes in. Their mission is to improve baby and family well-being by increasing access to diapers for families in need. Their vision is a day when every baby has a healthy supply of diapers.

Over their last fiscal year, HAMO distributed over 13 million diapers, putting $5.2 million back into the hands of the communities they serve. For every $1 they spend on programming, they save families $2 - wow!

Why Diapers?

  • Diapers are a small thing but they have a big impact. It is not uncommon for families to make impossible decisions between buying diapers for their baby, feeding themselves, or other basic human needs.
  • Specifically, we see diaper need affecting three areas of baby/family life:
    • Health and well-being: If a family is not able to afford diapers, a baby could spend extended periods of time in soiled or reused diapers. This can lead to a myriad of health complications, including rash, infection, and even more widespread disease outbreaks.
    • Access to education: A supply of clean diapers is required for a baby to attend most childcare programs. Without diapers, toddlers do not get a fair start on their education. 
    • Self-sufficiency: If toddlers cannot attend childcare, parents/caregivers cannot attend school or work, thus remaining under-employed. 
  • Diapers are not covered by federal public assistance programs like SNAP (aka food stamps) or WIC (Women Infants Children).
  • Diapers are expensive: a month’s supply can cost a family upwards of $100 (retail), a huge expense for low-income families.
  • A study published by the Journal of Pediatrics (2013) linked diaper need to higher incidents of maternal depression. Lacking enough diapers for their baby made mothers feel like “bad mothers.”
  • While non-disposable diapering options are available to well-resourced families, low-income families often live in transition, and diapers often represent a larger portion of their monthly expenditures. They also likely lack access to private laundry facilities, and public laundromats prohibit laundering cloth diapers.

Diapers are so expensive. Whenever you throw one out, you think “That’s my money in the trash can”. Instead, thanks to the Help a Mother Out diaper program, I can put that diaper money towards food and rent. It makes a huge difference. ~ Bay Area mom

Times are tough right now. Will you join me in helping babies and families?

Increased need and economic uncertainty have driven demand, and yet HAMO's program costs have only continued to rise. In the last three years, the retail price of diapers has risen roughly 48% and HAMO's costs have risen by 22%. Additionally, while HAMO has been very fortunate to have government funding in the past, their anticipated renewal recently fell through. All of this has created a perfect storm that has left HAMO with a budget shortfall, resulting in a situation in which they cannot operate at their current capacity without help from their community. 

Let's Say "Yes!"

The only reason HAMO has been able to help our community over the years is because they have been able to say “YES!”. Yes to the county health office offering support to new parents; yes to the public library throwing a community baby shower; yes to the domestic violence shelter giving hope to mothers and babies.  HAMO is in the business of saying YES, but due to the current shortfall, they have started saying “no,” and it breaks our hearts.

HAMO needs to start saying YES again so that they can continue to do what they do best - provide our community with the diapers they need to keep their babies healthy and give them access to childcare programs. Will you join me in saying "Yes!" to HAMO and "Yes!" to vulnerable families in our community?

"Our partnership with HAMO has been incredible. We have been able to provide monthly diapers to our low-income families, who have then been able to use that extra money to cover other household expenses. With the suspension of the program due to budget shortfalls, we are very worried. Diapers are SO expensive, and we don’t have a plan B.  ~ Community Partner

When you give, good things happen...

$50 delivers two cases of diapers (350+) to a vulnerable family.

$150 provides a month’s supply of diapers (1250+) for six newborn babies.

$250 provides diapers (2,000+) to a parent support group for one month.

$500 stocks a family resource center’s baby closet with diapers (4,000+).

$1,000 supplies a month of diapers (8,000+) for a family home visiting program.

$1,500 delivers two pallets of diapers (12,000+) to public health programs.

$5,000 supports one community partner for one month.

Because Every Baby Deserves a Clean Diaper.® You can help.

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