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Help me support Futures Without Violence and help end Domestic Violence against Women and Children


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Futures Without Violence, formerly known as the Family Violence Prevention Fund, is a groundbreaking organization that has been working relentlessly for over three decades to end violence against women and children around the world. With an understanding that domestic violence is not just a private problem but a societal issue, the organization focuses on transformative programs, policies, and campaigns that are designed to promote healthy relationships and stop violence before it starts.

One of the core strengths of Futures Without Violence is its multifaceted approach. The organization addresses domestic violence not only through advocacy but also through education, public health, legal practices, and much more. Programs such as “Coaching Boys into Men” challenge societal norms, empowering young men to create a culture of respect. Their “Health Cares About Domestic Violence Day” initiative integrates domestic violence prevention into medical and healthcare practices, highlighting how prevention goes beyond mere legal measures.

Legislatively, Futures Without Violence has been a catalyst for significant policy changes. They played a vital role in the development and passage of the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, a landmark in U.S. legislation. Their work extends globally with projects in countries like India and South Africa, emphasizing their commitment to creating a world where gender-based violence is eradicated. Futures Without Violence’s impact and effectiveness are evident in their Charity Navigator rating of 4-stars, reflecting responsible governance and financial stewardship.

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Futures Without Violence

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