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Homeward Trails Animal Rescue Incorporated
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24 kitties rescued from the war zones of Eastern Ukraine need transported to the US for Adoption


raised by 110 people

$15,000 goal

UPDATED: Long-time volunteer of Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, Shana Aufenkamp, just returned from volunteering with cats and dogs rescued by and sheltered with Breaking the Chains International in Central Ukraine.  Shana returned with 12 cats thanks to your generous donations to help cover the travel costs. These cats are currently adjusting in their foster homes while we find them the perfect, safe, and loving, forever homes.  We're not done!  There are more cats waiting to make the same journey to the US in just a few weeks if we can raise the travel funds!  We need your support to keep raising funds to help this group of waiting kitties.

The average transport cost for one cat is $600.  This covers the ground travel costs from the Ukrainian/Romanian border to Bucharest, Romanian export vet documents, cargo airfare costs, and US customs clearance on arrival.  A donation of any amount can be made here.  We MUST raise the full transportation costs by early June to ensure the kitties get booked on June flights!   

The cats who just arrived were rescued from Izium when homes were destroyed and there was no one left to care for them.  No human or animal should ever experience what happened there.  They were only come to the shelter because Homeward Trails previously took a group of cats, making room for the rescue of these cats and the others who would follow.  We don’t want to think about those who may be left behind if we don’t continue to help with these kitties.  The next group waiting were rescued from Kherson, a city under continued bombardment.  

Please consider a donation to help these cats make a journey to safety and to start new lives where they will never again hear a bomb blast or suffer alone again.  We cannot leave these victims of war behind!

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