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Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery Mission Trip to Bolivia


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I'll be making my 5th mission trip this year, back to Bolivia with Operation Rainbow to help kids with orthopedic conditions and injuries that might otherwise go untreated for most of their lives.  Trips like these allow us to reach outside of our borders and help children who don't have the same medical resources we have here in the States.  

For an example of the kind of problems that we'll treat on a trip like this, check out the video link below - it's about Manuela in Guatemala - a young girl with clubfoot that wasn't able to be treated as a baby like we do here.  Manuela is one of the patients I was able to help with on my first Operation Rainbow trip with two of my peds ortho mentors, Dr. Rinsky and Gamble, and at the time a dutch volunteering TV crew was documenting her case (skip thru the video: a good example of how her feet started out is from minute 4:00-5:00, there's some video of Dr. Rinsky planning her case around 13:30, you can see me and Dr. Rinsky operating 14:20-14:30, and around 16:30 shows how her feet turned out).

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