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Asian Community Development Council
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Supporting the Injured Police Officers Fund (IPOF) & the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center.


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We are beyond devastated about the attack on our community yesterday. Our thoughts are with those who have suffered, and we stand united and in solidarity with their families and our UNLV community. In this time of darkness, we would also like to extend our deepest gratitude to our dedicated law enforcement professionals who work tirelessly to protect us. 

Three victims have been identified as professors at UNLV: Dr. Cha Jan (Jerry) Chang, Dr. Patricia Navarro Velez, and Dr. Naoko Takemaru.

Student counseling and psychological services are available through CAPS and will provide support services to students both in-person and over the phone. Please contact 702-895-3627 or caps@unlv.edu to access these services. 

If you need any more resources, especially in language, we are ready to support and assist those affected by this tragedy.

The proceeds of this fundraiser will support the Injured Police Officers Fund (IPOF), the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center, and the families of the victims. Please indicate in the memo line which organization you'd like to direct your donation to.

如果你身邊有UNLV的學生與教職員受到UNLV 槍擊案的影響,導致心理創傷,或是有其他負面以前沒有的行為,請分享目前有很多即時心理創傷治療的管道,可以連繫UNLV student counseling and psychological services 702-895-3627; UNLV the practice 702-859-1532,或是諮商師Celine也有一份在社區裡願意提供低收費或是免費即時創傷治療師的名單可以寄給你。如果你是只說普通話,或是說普通話比較自在的UNLV 學生或教職員,也可聯繫諮商師Celine提供3-6 星期的免費心理創傷治療。以上資源由Celine Liu 所提供 Therapistceline@gmail.com (Shared with the permission of the author)

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