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Please help us bring a window into our classroom through technology!


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Growing Places was founded in 1978 in the Durham, NH area.  Over the past 42 years we have seen our challenges and triumphs, moving buildings, building facilities, a huge economic downturn, and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  Over all of that time we have seen children grow from infancy into adulthood and it has been a testament to the community, teachers, families and our learners that we have continued to grow and thrive.  Growing Places sets itself apart through an understanding that the core of early education is in the development of healthy and trusting relationships between children, teachers and parents.  

Our teachers see the unlimited potential in each child and recognize the opportunity and responsibility we have to help children build a strong foundation for future success. Growing Places Teachers understand that every moment matters: their interactions are respectful and responsive, validating children’s feelings.  This year has been a harrowing one for many, but families have continued to share their gratefulness of how we have kept our children and staff safe, and above all else, continued to provide loving and engaging experiences for our youngest learners.  

Growing Places has not been immune to the financial strain of a lockdown and aftereffects.  Our goal of $1,978 is to celebrate our foundational year, and the funds will be used to provide our children with materials that can be sanitized easily and to fund a software product that will allow families a better communication system and "peak" into the classroom.  We appreciate any and all donations, but above all, we appreciate your support of Growing Places as our community.

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