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Send WGS to the International Women's Network Against Militarism convening in Philippines in May!


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Dear Friends and Family,

It's been little over a week since we've came back from the International Women's Network Against Militarism convening in the Philippines and we're still processing all that we've learned, the emotions we've felt, and the relationships we've sustained with other network members.

We'd like to invite you all to our report back on the convening on June 29th, 5 PM PST to 6:30 PM PST. This will be a great space to learn about the Network, Women for Genuine Security (WGS), and the current military context within the Philippines. As well as how to become involved with the Network or WGS's work!

Report Back Details:

🟠Location: Zoom

🟠Date: Thursday, June 29th

🟠Time: at 5 PM PST to 6:30 PM PST

Beyond the report back, we also like to notify you that we will be keeping our fundraiser open. Thank you all for your support towards our fundraiser--we're still stunned that the fundraiser has gone over our initial $15,000 goal. 

With much thanks and love,

Debbie, Gwyn, Jess, Margo, Martha, Tracy

Women for Genuine Security is raising $15,000 to continue our work with our international partners!

And, we need YOUR help!

This May, Women for Genuine Security (WGS) will be attending the first international convening for the International Women's Network against Militarism in 5 years and we need your help!

WGS is the US-based member of the International Women’s Network against Militarism. We envision and promote a world of genuine security based on the principles of Safeguarding the Environment to Sustain Life, Meeting Basic Human Needs, Respect for Human Dignity, Respect for Peoples’ Sovereignty, Preventing Avoidable Harm. 

We'll be traveling from the US to Subic Free Port, Philippines to meet with our Network partners from the nations of Guahan (Guam), Hawai’i, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, and Philippines in order to develop a fuller shared understanding of the current political context around militarism, to craft a feminist narrative of genuine security and a culture of life, and to develop a global strategy that challenges the prevailing narrative of the necessity for militarization and militarism to achieve “world peace” and “national security.”

We will take what we learn at this convening and apply it to our organizing and popular education programs and resources as well as share it out to the greater public.

WGS is a 100% volunteer-based group comprising students, teachers, faith leaders, language interpreters, organizers, policymakers, writers, and parents. We have worked with our Network partners to develop a shared feminist analysis of militarism and coordinated organizing against the harmful effects of U.S. bases, military budgets, and military operations. Working together has enabled us to share experiences, information, and effective organizing strategies. We are currently committed to working in 4 languages because interpretation/translation is a crucial component of our political work. Through this translocal organizing we call for an end to all forms of violence and for economic development based on real peoples' needs. 

At a time when US military spending is at an all time high, when US militarism is driving instability and insecurity in and across Asia, the Pacific, and the US, our Network gathering in the Philippines will allow us to share, strategize, and organize for genuine security.  Please support us toward this goal!

Help us continue our empowerment and our work by DONATING to our fundraiser TODAY! Please donate as generously as you are able. You can also donate:

⬤ $1000 (or $100): for 1000 US bases and installations around the world.

⬤$250 (or $25): for the 25th anniversary of Women for Genuine Security 

⬤$70: for the 7 members of WGS attending this year's convening

⬤$40: for the approximate number of folks attending this year's convening from Guahan (Guam), Hawai’i, Japan, Korea, Okinawa, Philippines, and the United States. 

⬤Whatever amount that's good for you!

Thanks for learning about us and joining us in our international movement to end militarism, militarization, and military violence violence and to promote genuine security.

If you want to attend our virtual report-back to hear about our next steps after the gathering, save the date: 27 June 2023

If you want to learn more about WGS or stay in touch, find us at the following links: 

⬤Our website: http://www.genuinesecurity.org/index.html

⬤Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/people/Women-for-Genuine-Security-WGS/100064495457749/

⬤Our Instagram: @genuine_security

Women for Genuine Security is a fiscally sponsored project of the Peace Development Fund. Donations are 100% tax-deductible.

More photos from our last convening at Naha/Nafa, Okinawa in 2017:

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