"Raise the Roof" for the Dominica Orphanage

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Contribute now to help Dominica add 200+ children to her feeding program who are on the wait list!


raised by 75 people

$26,900 goal

The Roof is up and School has begun!

Update posted 6 years ago

Thank you all for making this reality come true!

A note from Dominica:

Dear Steve work is done... there is a great shade all the time in this area  No Sun  coming through.. no more running when The rain comes.. this space will serve to feed the children and do activities! Do you like how it looks? Thank you Steve and all of those who made this posible... our children will feel much more confortable! Thank you for make all the children and adolescents happy and change it into a decent place.. ..

We are raising funds for the Dominica Orphanage in La Urena to assist them with an urgent need to create a covered area in the courtyard so they can expand their feeding program to accommodate more of the 532 children at the orphanage and school that are currently not able to be fed at lunch will be able to be included imideltly into their lunch program.

A note from Dominica:

Dearest Steve and Osteopathic Doctors:

We all hope that you are enjoying health and happiness during these Seasons coming up. We kindly want to touch bases regarding the great urgent need that the orphanage/school is facing during meals time for the last few years. 

For breakfast before the school start, we feed 422 of the population. For lunch we only reach about 260. For the afternoons we pass a snack to 260 as well. Breakfast and snacks take place outside because the great need of space in the current small dinning area. At lunch time, we have to carry  big trays and packaging with hot beans and rice from the orphanage to the school classrooms which kids have had some accidents with hot plates as well as books have been damaged bringing food into the school chairs. The smallest group of children have breakfast and lunch outside the dinning and when it is raining they all start running with their plates and it cause us a real time out of discipline during this event. 

With a roof covering all the areas coming from all the way of the second floor, the stairs will get covered, it significantly will help the kids going up to the multipurpose room and dormitories without being wet. The new wish roof will allow all the downstairs areas to be protected from the hit and rain and convert this space into a large big dinning  with capacity for 500 hundred or more of the children and adolescents. It is just only for the first phase. The arquitect is designing a second floor for the future which it might be taken the same space, adding a second level, sustained with the well strong  current cement columns the building has , plus adding more still columns inside the downstairs area in order to come up with a second floor through inside this dinning. It is a separate building to the dinning  which it can be used for skill classrooms or a big room service to worship the Magesty of our Savior and a space for all the he children to gather for special programs. 

More  benefits are, all the children in- rolled in our extended Social Plan, will blessing have the chance to sit, to have a space in the new modeling  dinning aera.  The children in the waiting list will have the opportunity to be fed and stay all day long and eat like the other children, they immediately will be included!   The currrent small dinning will serve as a hall for the students to pass on lines going to the dispensers to pick up their  food and going through the new extension dining and direct to their respective sit and table. 

We are on our knees so our work here continues giving hopes to hundreds of humble children here in La Ureña!
Much gratitudes for your generosity,
Dominica Rosario

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