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Frontier Evangelism & Church Planting

BOL’s mandate is to reach the unreached and least evangelized people groups both within Kenya and beyond. This will be accomplished through frontier evangelism strategies with church planting as an end result. BOL has successfully planted one or multiple churches in four people groups: the Maasai, Pokot, Turkana, and Toposa. Our vision is to continue reaching more people groups outside of Kenya in the near future.


As mandated by our Lord Jesus Christ “to make disciples…” (Matt: 28:20), BOL endeavors to train (disciple) the lay person within the target people groups in order to:

  1. Improve both Quality (character reflecting Christ) and Quantity (new believers) growth of the Church.
  2. Enhance the community’s spiritual and social transformation.
  3. Impact the discipleship student in reaching and discipling their own people group and the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Compassion/Mercy Ministry

Most of the targeted people groups lack basic needs such as food, water, medical attention, and education. BOL believes that the Gospel can not be complete unless it is represented holistically. Bread of Life engages in representing the compassion and mercy of Jesus Christ to the poor and needy among the targeted people groups through medical camps, relief food, supplying of water, child sponsorship programs, and other ways to serve these people groups who are in need. This is in obedience to Jesus’ call in Matthew 25:31-46.

Church Mobilization into Missions

Bread of Life Missions believes that the local church is the hope of Jesus Christ to the world. It is through the local church that God has ordained the vehicle for world missions. Therefore, BOL will work in partnership with the local church both for field outreaches and the resourcing of the ministry. Bread of Life Missions will champion and challenge the local church in her involvement in world missions.


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