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Oasis of Hope School in Namariat, Turkana, Kenya exists to offer Truth and knowledge to the unreached children of the Turkana tribe.


raised by 122 people

$147,000 goal

In 2009, Bread of Life Missions and Seacoast Church partnered to send a small group of college/20 somethings to the small village of Namariat, Turkana, Kenya, where no missionaries had gone before.  Until this point, the closest school was 14 km away and the closest full-time clinic was 40 km away.  In the summer of 2010, this partnership sent a team of 28 young adults to start construction on a large church building to be utilized as a school during the week.  The Oasis of Hope School opened its doors in March of 2011 with 41 students.  We currently have 212 students in our sponsorship program.

We are looking for more sponsors to help us as we add students to our program.  A monthly sponsorship of $45 provides for the child’s education, uniform, medical care, and 2 nutritious meals each day.  You can contact or simply indicate when you sign up if you'd like a boy or a girl.  

To sponsor a child, follow these steps here on the site:

1. Click the Donate button on the right side of the page.

2. **Click the button that reads "Monthly donation" at the top of the window for it to automatically draft from your card.**

3. Click on the button that says "$45 Monthly Child Sponsorship".

4. Also click the box "Add a Dedication".
5. On the line that says "Who" type in your specific child's name.

6. Fill in your name, email, and payment information.

7. Fill in your phone number.

8. At the bottom of the page, there's a box that allows you to cover the credit card fees each month if you choose to click on the box.

9. Click on "Pay $45".

You're all set!!  Thanks SO much!

After you sign up, your sponsored child's picture as well as information on the sponsorship program will be sent to you ASAP.  Thank you so much for changing the life of a child...and transforming a community.

Thank you so much for desiring to be part of a child's educational journey.  We are currently in the process of recruiting more children to join the Bread of Life Sponsorship program.  If you would like to be one of the first to hear of new prospective students being available for sponsorship, please share a bit of your contact information HERE.

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