Caridad Inc

A nonprofit organization

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Caridad was born out of a passion by the founder Merideth Spriggs, to help homeless become housed using a customer service based approach.  Simply meaning “charity” in Spanish and Portuguese. 

Our Mission:

Caridad strives to humanize the homeless by telling their stories and dispelling the myths about the homeless and homelessness.

Who We Are:

Caridad is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to humanize the homeless by providing customer service based street outreach. The agency is able to do this at lowest cost possible by partnering with existing Clark County agencies. Caridad was first created in 2010 as a sock and underwear drive, Undie Sunday, for local homeless charities in San Diego, CA. Since its move to Las Vegas, NV, Caridad has partnered with numerous homeless outreach organizations as well Las Vegas companies. Through a partnership with Clark County, Caridad has been able to conduct the Clark County Community Housing Assessment Tool with clients to prioritize those that need housing immediately; and to ensure homeless clients stay on track. Caridad is well positioned in the community and is already known as the collaborative partner to connect the homeless focused agencies.

Our Programs: 

Caridad Gardens -Jobs reintegration for formerly homeless Veterans through gardening. 

  1. Freight Farm: Caridad is an indoor hydroponic vertical shipping container Freight Farm. Formerly homeless Veterans are hired to work in the farm as a part of a jobs reintegration program.  The produce is then sold to surrounding bars and restaurants to cover the cost of wages. The Freight Farm allows Caridad to grown 2 ½ acres of produce by using only 5 gallons of water. 
  2. Remote Gardeners: Remote gardeners are clients participating in the Caridad Gardens program but are disabled.  Remote gardeners grow produce from the comfort of their homes. They are required to meet with Caridad Garden leads three times a week, once for payment. The remote gardeners are required to attend monthly team meetings with all garden staff. 
  3. Rescue Mission: Caridad has a Grow Pod hydroponic farm shipping container at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. Caridad Gardens teaches shelter clients to do daily readings and the farming process. In addition there is an outdoor farm area in front of the Grow Pod that will be used in the spring to teach the  children of shelter clients classes on gardening. This program has potential for partnerships with local chefs to come onsite and education program participants, recipe and nutritional info about produce harvested in the farm.  

dT-alley -A “T”-shaped alley that creates new experiences. Located between Fremont/Carson and LVB/6th Street, this community space incorporates art and activity for locals and visitors through the use of Murals, Sculptures, innovative landscaping, and multiple interactive “moments”. All of which provide a beautiful space in an otherwise under-utilized area. Caridad Porters & Ambassadors maintain the area.

  1. Alley Porters: The dT-alley porter program is for clients that exhibit a higher level of functionality. Porters get paid hourly and work to clean the dT-alley as well as help with farm harvests. The Porters are required to meet once a month for an all garden team meeting.
  2. Alley Ambassadors: The dT-alley Ambassador program is for our clients that are currently on the streets and have no identifying documents.  The Ambassadors work and make $10 per hour per diem and get a bus pass at the end of each shift daily.  Ambassadors are placed in transitional dorm housing. Upon obtaining their identifying documents, Ambassadors are referred to Caridad’s partner DTP for full-time work with benefits. 

  3. Wellness Wednesday: At monthly team meetings Caridad clients mentioned they wanted more health and wellness programming.  Out of this suggestion Wellness Wednesday was born. Now Caridad Ambassadors, Remote Gardeners and Alley Porters can enjoy offerings from resistance training with the LV Barstarzz, private HeartMath meditation sessions and Trauma Recovery Yoga.

    Hebron-A Refuge in the Desert

    On November 4,2021, Caridad welcomed a new property into the family. Located on Las Vegas Boulevard, the 125-unit property has endless possibilities for community partners and volunteers. Tenants are comprised of low-income, fixed-income seniors, Veterans and transitional homeless clients being case managed by our community housing partners.  Hebron has a community room as well as food pantry onsite for residents.  We are looking for partners to assist in funding for room repairs, room rental sponsors and sponsor monthly community meals.

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