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Georgia STAND-UP, a Think & Act Tank for Working Communities, is a Georgia alliance of leaders that represents community, faith, academic, and labor organizations that organize and educate communities about issues related to economic development. With the goal of alleviating poverty and encouraging regional equity through the empowerment of leaders and the inclusion of community benefits, STAND-UP empowers residents to ensure economic development meets the needs of their neighborhoods and uses community benefits agreements and policies to assist communities, developers, and redevelopment agencies in working together to create successful development projects. 

Last year, we assisted over 5,000 people in registering to vote, provided voter education, made over 1 million calls for phone banking, participated in the ongoing Red Light the Gulch Campaign, and built community capacity. Organizing and assisting community to ensure they are actively engaged in decision making is a priority for Georgia STAND-UP. There are many development decisions that affects communities relating to jobs, education, transit, environmental health, and housing. Georgia STAND-UP will make sure people's concerns are not only vocalized, but mobilized into an action plan.

STAND-UP would love to have your support to keep showing up and fighting for equity. Each donation will go towards running our Policy Institute Civic Leadership Program, Stand Up & Vote! Program that provides voter education, general support to assist with staffing, and our annual STAND-UP & Give Back campaign. Our program help developed and trained over 250+ new leaders in the areas of community development, community organizing, and civic leadership. 

We hope you will consider giving. Your donation will help fund and improve each of these programs and the students who enroll. Thank you for your continuous support of Georgia STAND-UP. We look forward to continuing the good fight for the people.

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