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Today more than ever, American democracy needs fearless advocacy for voting rights and social equity. After a historic 2020 election changed the course of politics nationally and in the South, a fierce reaction has set in. STAND-UP, with its coalition of progressive allies, helped flip the State of Georgia, shifting the political balance in the South and holding the line against conservative domination of national policy. Now Georgia is leading the nation in voter suppression efforts. Our opponents have targeted STAND-UP’s non-partisan voter education and registration campaigns that added over 15,000 new voters to the rolls, reinstated purged voters, and motivated citizens to turn out in unprecedented numbers both for the 2020 presidential contest and the important senate run-off elections. Your support helped us achieve those amazing wins, but that success has triggered even more aggressive attempts to deny citizens ballot access through manipulation and intimidation.

STAND-UP is meeting this threat head-on. Over the past year, thanks to your support, we have doubled down—increasing our programming reach and operational capacity. Despite the challenge of a raging pandemic, we opened our 9500 sq. ft. ‘Movement Center’—a hub for progressive collaboration and organizing, with meeting and conference space, digital studios for messaging and social media, and a 70 station call center capable of making millions of phone, text, and email contacts. In addition we broadened our networks, joining national efforts to seek passage of federal legislation that would override state efforts to disenfranchise minorities and other vulnerable citizens. We are also heavily engaged in fighting extreme gerrymandering as Georgia and other states redraw voting districts that will determine political representation for the next decade. These efforts are in addition to our traditional advocacy for affordable housing, accessible transit, justice reform, economic opportunity, health equity, and other progressive social policies.

In planning your year-end charitable contributions, please remember the good work being done by Georgia STAND-UP. Please support our efforts to sustain the front lines of social advocacy that seeks to achieve deep, lasting progressive change. The 2022 midterms are gearing up, leading to the 2024 national elections—perhaps a defining moment in our national destiny. Your contribution will ensure that STAND-UP remains fully engaged, building on the successes already achieved while battling to maintain progressive momentum in Atlanta and the South. Please make a generous contribution today. Thank you for the on-going support.

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