45 Stories, 45 Days, Countless Lives Transformed

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The transformation from despair to hope is only one aspect of how Yahara House changes lives. These are 45 voices from our community.


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Over the next 45 days, 45 stories will be told by various colleagues in the Yahara House community: members, staff, family, and the Friends of Yahara House. These are only a glimpse into the world of Yahara House. 

Living with a mental illness is not a choice, any more than is having another chronic illness.  Yet, although there has been some progress in eliminating stigma, it is still prevalent in society. Stigma is a barrier in seeking and receiving treatment and further isolates the individual.  We must all come together to reduce the feeling of shame and guilt that people with a mental illness experience.  

Yahara House provides a non-judgmental place where individuals can travel the path to recovery at their own speed. At Yahara House we welcome people for who they are, celebrate their diversity, recognize their potential, and encourage them to put their talents to work. Here, members can begin to heal. 

Help us reclaim our place!

The Friends of Yahara House is a group of volunteer citizens who play a key role in attracting private resources to improve the quality of members’ lives.  The Friends open doors at local businesses, advocate for Yahara House, educate the community, work to destigmatize mental illness, and serve as an advisory board for the continued development and growth of Yahara House and its members.

In addition to living with mental illness, 90% of Yahara House members live at or below the poverty line.  Your donation to the Friends of Yahara House will go directly to help members recover from mental illness and overcome the challenges of poverty. You can help members defray the cost of medical and dental services, housing, utilities, clothing, groceries, and transportation, with virtually no administrative expense. You can also help members obtain nutritious daily meals, enjoy holiday meals, attend social events, have access to wellness activities, and go to trainings. Your generosity will give members hope and help them to reclaim their rightful place!

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