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Please help us create a better community through responsible pet ownership. #GivingTuesday


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In addition to providing shelter and care to the homeless and abandoned cats and dogs in the Clark County Arkansas area, our shelter has for years sponsored regular lowered cost spay and neuter clinics to the public.  In 2022, we hosted four clinics resulting in the spay/neuter of 204 dogs and 278 cats. This year we will host six clinics with our final clinic being held in November.  As of our October clinic we have spayed/neutered 295 dogs and 337 cats this year. These clinics are a critical part of the shelters’ mission to promote responsible pet ownership.   Almost every three-day clinic is fully booked and on average about 75% are for the public who pay just what the mobile vets charge.  The other 25% is comprised of shelter animals and we pay the same fee as the public.  Throughout the year we also offer low-income vouchers to those who qualify through our local veterinary clinic, and our shelter pays the difference through grant funding we receive.

As a nonprofit organization we rely solely on fundraising and donations for our operating costs as well as our shelter animals’ surgery.  Our shelter receives no funding from our local city or county government.  While we do receive some much-appreciated individual sponsorships for some of our own animals, unfortunately donations and adoptions are down this year, and we face a deficit of $7,519.25 in spay/neuter costs of our own shelter cats and dogs. This does not include our upcoming November clinic costs. Our only option for paying our spay and neuter cost is to dip into reserves intended for shelter improvements.  

Our #GivingTuesday fundraising event is to reach beyond our local rural community in hopes of reducing this deficit.  Any donation amount is greatly appreciated!  We have five clinics already scheduled for 2024 and replenishing our reserve fund is vital to being able to continue to provide this service to our community and our shelter animals.  Thank you so much to all of you who understand the importance of spaying and neutering to reduce the unwanted animal population.  Without continued support from like-minded people we would not be able to continue our efforts towards the elimination of unwanted pets.

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