Rolando in Supporting MUJER Inc.

Raising funds for direct services to victims of domestic and sexual abuse and strengthen families.


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$1,000 goal

Mujeres Unidas en Justicia, Educacion y Reforma, Inc. is hoping to raise $50,000 this Give Miami Day. I'm personally trying to raise $1,000 to help them met their goal.

Help MUJER continue serving the needs of families who suffer abuse.  These services are provided at no cost to them. Why is it important to continue supporting MUJER?  Because, MUJER saves lives - like JG who almost died at the hands of her abuser but today is alive to tell her story and has become a strong advocate in her community.   MUJER works with survivors to seek justice like VR who was relentless in her quest to seek justice for her daughter’s abuse and because of her efforts the perpetrator finally received 20 years in prison.   MUJER offers a fighting chance to heal from abuse for men, women and children.  Children like 2 little boys who were sexually abused but are now recovering because they are receiving services at MUJER including participating in our children’s Heroes program. 

Join MUJER's Efforts in raising $50,000 on Give Miami Day! 

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