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Linking Social Justice and Environmental Justice in the BIPOC communities.


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Environmental Justice Is Black Women's Health; Mind & Heart

Update posted 2 months ago

Environmental Justice Is Black Women’s Health; Mind & Heart was an event dedicated to educating and nurturing Black women’s mental and physical health. Hosted by the Health Ministry of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Mind & Heart will provided insight from health professionals on how to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle and help harmonize the heart and mind.

Starting off with an amazing breakfast, participates were able to visit different tables to receive information about wellness topics such as suicide presentation, mammograms, mental health care, generational trauma and even and opportunity to get their blood pressure checked.

Follow Sol Nation as we continue to advocate for better healthcare for Black women!

We are linking environmental justice and social justice issues to illustrate that for every social justice issue there is an environmental justice component to it. The campaign allows for interaction with each topic through storytelling, hands-on opportunities, visuals, and practical solutions that communities can implement.. The Environmental Justice Is... campaign gives us a rallying point to move forward in, providing greater access to education, resources, infrastructure, power, and liberation with the communities that we serve.

Sol Stories

A catalyst and a connector, bringing voices together, educating, and propelling the conversation around environmental justice and social justice in ways that are authentic to the people we serve, including art, food, music, and culture. Sol Stories amplifies these conversations by adding an visual component to these conversations for a deeper insight of how environmental injustices are streamlined by social injustices.

A Sol Stories Highlight: Environmental Justice Is...Transportation Equity

Environmental justice is more than just a slogan. It is a movement that demands fair and equal treatment for all people, regardless of their race, ethnicity, income, or location. Transportation equity is a key aspect of environmental justice, as it affects the health, safety, and mobility of millions of people who rely on public transit, biking, walking, or other modes of transportation. 

Transportation equity means that everyone should have access to clean, affordable, and reliable transportation options in their communities, especially Black and brown communities that have historically faced discrimination, disinvestment, and displacement due to transportation projects.

Sol Nation is committed to transportation equity and will be working with Charlotte residents whose communities have been impacted by the construction of the new transit line. We want to ensure that they have a voice in the planning process, that they benefit from the improved service and connectivity, and that they are not forced out of their homes or neighborhoods by rising costs or gentrification. Sol Nation believes that transportation equity is not only good for the environment but also for social justice and economic opportunity.

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