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Chesapeake Humane Society Inc
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Furrrever loved is helping to support CHS. Help support the fur babies that will furrrever love us💚


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   Hello! For those that don't know me, I am Sarah. I have helped volunteer with the Chesapeake Humane Society for over at least 10 years. Anyone that knows me, knows I am a BIG animal lover. Let's talk about The Chesapeake Humane Society and how we are raising money for a Slumber Pawty Fundraising going on. With your support this helps provide the ongoing 3 programs that CHS gives back to the community; a shelter, clinic, and crisis boarding programs. They make sure to treat all animals that come into their shelter with the love, support, and medical treatment they need in a time they are scared and unsure of what is going on. The CHS does fundraisers, like this, to help keep those programs running. 

       I reach out to all in hopes that you will help those who are unable to help themselves. In return these fur babies will give you something that you can never put a price on Furrrrever love 💚. I would know! I adopted my fur baby from them.

     The picture you see as my profile is of my one eye beauty, Itsy. She means the world to me! I adopted her from the CHS in 2013 after losing both my previous babies, one in 2012 and my last in 2013. She was brought in as a "trap/neutered/ spayed/release" program. Due to her one eye, that was caused during birth, they kept her and I was lucky enough to adopt her. Or should I say she adopted me. She saved me so many times; whether it was from the heartbreaks, the quarantine, the loss of my brother or when life just gets me down, she has ALWAYS been there for me!

      When you donate you not only make a happy healthier life for a fur baby you are making a happy healthier life furrrrever 💚❤️. They do not ask for anything but they will give you something in return that again is priceless....their furrrrever love💚❤️.

       So please help donate to a good, supportive, community base shelter, the Chesapeake Humane Society!💚❤️ And know that EVERY BIT HELPS! The smallest donation makes the BIGGEST difference!


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Chesapeake Humane Society Inc

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