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Closing the green gap is the framework that we are using for increasing socio-economic impact.


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Community Clean Up & Canvas Initiative

Update posted 3 months ago

From February 19-23, The Solutions Project hosted Black Climate Week, emphasizing climate justice solutions for a future with accessible clean energy, safe drinking water, affordable housing, nutritious food, and sustainable jobs. Sol Nation Inc participated by organizing a Community Clean Up in Charlotte, NC's Historic Westend to engage and educate the community on neighborhood care.

This event sparked a lot of attention and is already gaining collaborative momentum with partners and the community. After spending time in the neighborhood we noticed the lack of junk removal and neglect towards the Westend communities. Sol Nation Inc has decided to create a monthly clean up event that educates and assists residents with the trash and junk removal that has been left in yards, creeks, ditches and even cemeteries in the Historic Westend.


To help with this initiative and other events go to to Join our Sol Collective Volunteers.

Sol Nation’s definition of Green Gap is the difference between Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities’ desire to build and live in sustainable, regenerative communities and their access to the resources, power, education, and infrastructure to achieve those communities.

Closing the green gap is the framework that we are using for increasing socio-economic impact. We are currently developing our approach to research that will serve as the foundation of analysis for the historical, current, and future state of climate justice in North Carolina. This body of work is a necessary tool for marginalized communities to advocate for themselves. We intend to advance the conversation about impacted communities to data backed evidence that uses indicators of sustainable, regenerative communities.

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