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Funds collected will be distributed directly to the Sherpas in Namche, a remote area of Nepal, for rebuilding and long-term recovery.


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Three members of the CLC Everest Experience team were in Namche Bazaar when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake of April 25th occurred. Stone buildings crumbled around them; water and electricity were cut off. Hundreds of people are displaced from destroyed homes. Children throughout the region are now orphans. The walking trails of the Khumbu, the lifelines of the region, are cracked and broken.

Support for this region's recovery efforts will come from the mountaineering and trekking community and those of us who have direct relationships with Sherpa people, as it is commonly understood that help from the government and leadership of Nepal will not be coming to the remote areas. The CLC team in Namche has been privileged to work closely with the Khumbu Sherpa community, weathering the quake and aftershocks together and then planning how best to go forward.

Emergency housing must be created before the monsoon season, which is already starting, and entire villages must be rebuilt. Children must be cared for and education fees paid. Damaged trails must be repaired quickly before the coming rains turn cracks in the ground into dangerous mudslides, making disbursement of food and aid throughout the region impossible.

Your help is vital to the survival of the resourceful, compassionate, hardworking people of the Everest region. We are their lifeline, so please contribute generously.



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