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Your contribution can help children with disabilities to access life-changing health services.


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By donating to our Hope for Health fund, you will help Libumba in providing specialist health services throughout 2021 to children living with physical impairments in our area of Eswatini. Libumba has identified more than 30 children who are in need of either orthotic devices, corrective surgery or other specialist health care, but who are unable to afford these services. If left untreated, the physical impairments will worsen and cause further impairment and exclusion from participation in normal life. 

Support Libumba in raising US $ 8000 for these children who would love the opportunity to take part in normal daily life in their communities.


In rural areas of Eswatini, families living with disability suffer higher levels of poverty and disadvantage and generally have very little or no access to services such as education, health care, transportation or social interaction. Most families in the Libumba programme survive on subsistence farming or small informal jobs. Care-givers are often unable to pay even the transport expenses of getting their children to a hospital. Many of the children in the Libumba programme have never been to the hospital, and those who have, mostly cannot afford the treatment that has been prescribed. Caregivers and children are faced with an inability to access what should be simple corrective procedures. Thus, children with physical impairments are often left to live lives of exclusion from school, social events and future possibilities. 


By collaborating with existing service providers, Libumba aims to facilitate access to the needed medical and rehabilitative care that these children living with physical impairments need. Libumba partners with another NGO, Community Engagement and Rehabilitation Alliance (CERA), to provide children with assistive and corrective orthotics. Children are assessed in their home environments to ensure the appropriateness of treatment. Families are counselled about the benefits and risks of treatment and are then assisted in accessing surgery (if needed) at a larger referral hospital. Once treatment has started, Libumba ensures regular follow-up and the Libumba therapist provides education and rehabilitative therapy as needed.


Children living with preventable or treatable physical impairments are enabled to reach their full potential. This is done through, not only providing the health services that they need but making sure that the whole family is supported. 

Every child that receives assistance from Libumba becomes a part of the larger Libumba programme. This means that the child’s caregiver and family receive training and information regarding disability and how to support their child, they are included in empowerment groups, and they become part of livelihoods projects. In this way, Libumba ensures that families are not only supported in their immediate needs but are also empowered to build communities which are inclusive to all and offer opportunities for growth to the most vulnerable children.

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