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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust
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Support Chimfunshi and give back to the chimpanzees who have given so much to us as researchers!


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Research supports Chimfunshi and the care of all chimpanzees

Researchers come to Chimfunshi from all over the world to learn about chimpanzee behaviour, studying how they learn, communicate, express their emotions, cooperate, share, and compete.

Over the past 10 years, Chimfunshi's Research Advisory Board has considered over 50 research projects! At Chimfunshi, scientists have researched cultural traditions, tool use, and even empathy in these chimpanzees.

During the 2023 Giving Day for Apes event, we have the opportunity to help give back to the chimpanzees from whom we've learned so much.

Chimfunshi’s Enclosure #2 is the largest stable chimpanzee group in a captive/semi-captive setting in the world. Enclosure #2 continues to fascinate researchers from across the world, and it has been a vital source of much scientific discovery in the study of our closest living relatives.

Like all chimpanzees at Chimfunshi, this group lives in a large, forested enclosure, which allows them to roam, forage, and nest independently among their peers. This setting provides a home that mimics their wild habitat and allows the chimpanzees to develop natural social behaviours and relationships.

Many of Chimfunshi's early famous rescued chimps still live in Enclosure #2, including Little Jane, Coco, Noel, Dora, Violet, Pan, Maggie, Masya, Misha, Diana, and Trixie. And they need our help!

Your donations to this campaign will go directly to support the much-needed upgrade and extension of Enclosure #2's handling facility.

Please share this campaign and donate to give back to these chimpanzees, who have taught us so much about their lives and the origins of our own behaviour.

Chimfunshi cares for over 150 chimpanzees, and their care continues when we are away. These chimpanzees have taught us what it means to be part of the great ape family - courageous, cooperative, and resourceful. As students and scientists, we’ve gained so much from watching them.

Thank you for your support from the

Chimfunshi Research Advisory Board

Edwin van Leeuwen, Katie Cronin, Daniel Haun, Katja Liebal, Thalita Calvi, Innocent Mulenga, and Peggy Motsch

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Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage Trust

Organized By Jake Brooker

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