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Join us and our churches to fund the roof for the expansion of the oldest and walls for our newest.


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$20,000 goal

In 2010, Bread of Life Mission, the villagers of Namariat, and a short-term mission team from the U.S. started building the first church building in the area.  This building was finished in time to house the areas first preschool in January of 2011.  For the last 13 years, this building has served as the meeting place for the local Church, housed the ministry's preschool which has now led to a full primary school, and served as a community meeting space.  The Church which meets in the space has gone on to plant 5 more churches in surrounding areas, thereby gaining the name the "Mother Church".  

This wonderful building has served its community faithfully but has finally been outgrown.  The Church has grown in number and needs more space.  We have already started building the new church around this original building, but we can't remove the original structure without first putting up the new roof.  

Our newest church building in Kanyangapus is only waiting for walls with the foundation, floor, and roof in place.

Will you join Bread of Life and our churches in Namariat and Kanyangapus to provide a new roof and walls for our oldest and newest church structures?  We will need 300 sheets at $35 each for the roof and another $9,500 for the walls ($70/sheet) and doors and windows of Kanyangapus Church.  Thank you for being part of the story of the Churches in Namariat and Kanyangapus!

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