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Save sloths by voting for your favorite #Slothlete with Sloth Ironman Games!


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Welcome to the 8th Annual Sloth Ironman Games Awards Ceremony!

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Welcome to the 8th Annual Sloth Ironman Games Awards Ceremony!

Thank you all so much for joining us for another successful year! From October 20 - 25 we witnessed sloth athleticism at its peak performance, and now we have the results of our competition!


  • 1st: Noodle with 3095.5 points
  • 2nd: Coco with 1882.5 points
  • Lianna & Pax TIED for 3rd with 1120 points

 You all are amazing, and we want to thank you for showing up for sloth conservation! We made Sloth Ironman Games history this year–TOGETHER, we raised a record-breaking $14,333 and counting! This is INCREDIBLE!!!

A huge thank you to Explore.org and the Annenberg Foundation for their $8,000 grant match for this year’s Games, and to all of our generous donors for supporting our biggest fundraiser of the year. All four #slothletes appreciate your love and support!

The 8th Annual Sloth Ironman Games:

Watch as your favorite sloth athlete (slothlete) competes in the 2023 Sloth Ironman Games Series. The game series includes a 4-part challenge of enrichment activities. And, of course, the fastest sloth wins! All donations made during the Sloth Ironman Games will be put towards each sloth’s rewilding with Toucan Rescue Ranch’s Saving Sloths Together Program. Be on the lookout on our social media, official campaign page, and website for updates leading up to the event!

We are celebrating our 8th year by setting a goal to raise $8,000 for the rescued sloths in our care. This online fundraiser will help all facets of our sloth rescue, rehabilitation, and rewilding program - including medical treatment, diets, enrichment, enclosure enhancements, emergency care, and more! 

The Game Schedule (1:00 P.M. Costa Rica time):

  • October 20: Sloth Athlete Reveal 
  • October 21: 1-Meter Dash
  • October 22: Hibiscus Eat-Off
  • October 22 AT 5 PM: Half-Time Show 
  • October 23: Strong Sloth Competition  
  • October 24: Poop-Off Challenge 
  • October 25: Championship Ceremony, LIVE on YouTube



The Sloth Ironman Games is an annual event hosted by Toucan Rescue Ranch and supported by The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica to create an initiative for people to get involved with sloth conservation efforts. The Games are a sloth enrichment game series for four carefully selected athlete sloths (slothletes). The Games will consist of various challenges that the sloth needs to complete. Progress will 

be shown after each challenge is completed. The Games is a noninvasive campaign that records the sloths doing normal behaviors such as using the bathroom, eating, and climbing.

The champion will be announced on October 25, and donations close on October 25 at noon! All donations for your favorite sloth athlete will benefit the Saving Sloths Together program, which will return to the overall care of all the sloths in this rewilding program.


  • You must make a minimum donation of $5.00 to earn your favorite sloth athlete points. Each donated dollar is an extra point towards your chosen slothlete.
  • All donations must be made here on the official MightyCause fundraiser page.
  • When donating for your athlete, you must DEDICATE their name (i.e., Tallulah) at donation checkout to be correctly recorded to your slothlete.


Each dollar raised for a slothlete will be 1 point added to its score. $5.00 would be an additional 5 points to your favorite slothlete!

Each event that is won by a sloth athlete:

  • 100 points for 1st place 
  • 75 points for 2nd place 
  • 50 points for 3rd pace 
  • 25 points for 4th place
  • 0 points for disqualification (DQ)


Watch the Saving Sloths Together documentary to see how your dollar is helping save sloths in Costa Rica! 

Donate & Support Rescued Sloths:

In 2017, Toucan Rescue Ranch and The Sloth Institute Costa Rica came together to form Saving Sloths Together (SST), a Costa Rica-wide project seeking greater opportunities for sloths in need. By combining each organization’s skills and knowledge, we can improve the sloth rescue, rehabilitation, and release process in Costa Rica. This alliance utilizes scientific expertise, dedication, passion, and decades of experience to provide the best program for every sloth needing help gaining a second chance at a life in the wild.

Why do Sloths Need Your Help?

Sloths at Toucan Rescue Ranch are rescued for various reasons. Common rescues include electrocution from powerlines, car accidents, dog attacks, and human encroachment, such as deforestation and the illegal pet trade. Often, orphans suffer from injuries and the loss of their mothers from such accidents. Babies are usually found abandoned by their mothers for unknown reasons (likely the mother was involved in a casualty). 

This is when the Saving Sloths Together program (SST) comes to the rescue! Together, we rescue hurt sloths and give them a second chance at life to rewild them back into the rainforest once they “graduate” from the rehabilitation and rewilding Sloth Schooling program. 

A unique component of the SST program is the ability to take a hand-raised, orphaned sloth and give it a second chance at being wild. The concept of releasing captive-raised sloths back into the wild is a feat that has rarely been done with success. However, this program’s combined expertise and resources have proved that sloths don’t belong in cages but #backinthetrees because they were all #borntobewild.

Help the Saving Sloths Together Program: 

Donating to the 8th Annual Sloth Ironman Games will directly support the rescue, rehab, and rewilding of orphaned sloths at Toucan Rescue Ranch! All donations are tax-deductible.


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