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Fresh Help Maui aims to help Maui rebuild and eventually thrive!


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Update posted 7 months ago

We are working really hard, with the amazing efforts of our volunteers and YOUR donations to support those who lost everything. THANK YOU!

We are Fresh Help Maui, a grass-roots nonprofit founded by a group of friends from Maui, in the first days following the Maui fires to help Maui to rebuild and eventually thrive.  Changing tides foundation has been kind enough to fiscally sponsor us as we get 501(c)(3) status at no cost to us - so all your tax-deductible donations can still go directly to helping Maui recover. 

To date, we have raised and donated over $150,000 directly to peoples directly affected by this disaster. In the early days following the fire when everyone was trapped in Lahiana we brought thousands of gallons of gas, hundreds of talks of propane, water, medical supply’s, hygiene supplies, cloths, solar lights, camping stoves, tents, and food. Since the road was reopened to the public we have donated money directly to the family’s who lost their homes, cooked over 10,000 meals for people, and delivered thousands of pounds of fish to people in-need. We will continue our efforts as long as there is a need and we are able to fundraise. 

“Santa Claus campaign”

The holidays are an especially hard time for struggling families. Not being able to provide for your kids is a devastating feeling. We want to help ease this burden for as many family’s as we can. Our goal is to hire restaurants that are struggling to stay open and keep their people employed in the economic crash that Maui has suffered because of the fire, to cook holiday meals for family’s, and buy gift cards from small local business to give to family’s. We have determined giving things to people who lost their home and car so they don’t have anywhere to keep them is not the best idea, buying gift cards supports small struggling business and allows people to get things as they need them. Our hope is to raise $1,000 ($100 for a holiday meal, $900 for gift cards)  per family of 4 for as many of the 13,000+ people that have been displaced as possible. Our initial goal for this online campaign is $200,000, we will also be partnering with local business to do live fundraisers.  

Follow @freshhelpmaui on ig to stay up to date. 

Thank you all for the support it makes a bigger difference than you know!

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