I am the unique one among 20K.

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For those parents Who will get courage to take the right step in diagnosis and timely treatment.


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Till now as being the parent of the retinoblastoma survivor I am writing the post\content on behalf of my daughter soon after she would be able to post such blogs /event she will be doing the task but till then please allow me (father of Suvshree kc). I am writing\posting this because parents are the major persons who actually face and tackle all the steps during the pre-diagnostic and after diagnostic phase of time. Because the children’s are quite unknown about what they survived as they are the ultimate fighter but at same time we parents are also a survivor. Trust me it was so hard for us to accept the truth during the pre-diagnostic phase because we have not saw such medical cases  before we our self-faced  and there will not be any  physical illness , Disorder or symptoms  will be shown by body as it use to show in other illness beside the pulps in infected eyes. So as I want to share my experience to other, it can be the example for other survivors. So that they could get proper treatment at time and save their child's life and vision. And for those parents they will get courage to take the right step in diagnosis and timely treatment of their children. Mainly to those parents who from the different part of world and who don't know much about this.

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I am the unique one among 20 thousand.


Among the 7 millions I was the one and only one for my parents when I was born on 2015 Jan 9 .But soon I became one of the special among Twenty thousand in the world. You know why it was due to I was diagnosed Retinoblastoma. It was not easy as I am saying today.  My parents were young couple with ordinary private job. Before me there is my elder brother, even he used to be a patient of Clubfoot. Due to that when I was born every family members were so concern about any physical out looks. But when I was born at hospital I was as much gorgeous as I am today. But ya.. I was more cute and pretty at that time. Every medical general checkup after my birth was up to mark. It then I was really happy moments for all of us.

Two months after I was born my parents and grandparents noticed the small drop of looks like the drop of oil in water in my right eye. Due to this my maternal Grandparents suspected   either I could see or not. They use to talk frequently about the twinkling drop like spots in my Right eye. But they we not aware about any kind of  deficiency and cancer or Retinoblastoma they have never ever   hear about such kind of illness in their life . Even me as child I was well looking healthy, eating sleeping and every activities was normal. Due to that they did not focus on the eye issues.  On April Nepal face the massive earthquake and it’s aftershock due to that we started to stay in the open tent to be safe from the possible damage.

Then my parents notice the pulps in my right eye and decided   to go at eye clinic and ask about the matters. Then we went to the nearby eye clinic where I was diagnosed the retinoblastoma. Two of the doctors confirmed and suggest us to go for the possible treatments. I was so hard for our parents and grandparents to accept the situation and the cancer. My mom Grand mom all were crying. It was harder time for us. After visiting several Doctor’s clinics, hospital and other possible local semen’s treatments. During the time of aftershock of earthquake we used to visit several clinics for better diagnosis. However, we were more convinced about the modern medical treatment and we were ready to go for further treatments but the conditions of our countries medical service were such poor in that such medical case level we could not trust them easily. After the visiting all hospitals and their service centers we were not likely persuaded to move for treatments.  We were quite sure that our daughter will not get proper treatment for this case at here .Then we especially my grandmother took the decided to took me India for further treatment.   After collected some deposits and debts me my mother and father went to India taking the medical referral letter (we were refer to Hyderabad well renown Hospital for retinoblastoma treatments) we with the well-known relative who was also was a cancer patient and was well known about the journey to cancer hospital . After reaching Delhi   we  visited the “Rajiv gandi cancer hospital” Where  the Paediatric,Oncology Dr Gauri kapoor and her tram counseled my parents and started the 6 cycle of chemo Treatments . Later after completing the chemo my right eye was enucleated At Dr. sraff Charity hospital and lager treatment in my other eye. Till then after that I and regularly following my eye Doctor. Now I am 9 years old I read in class 3 in St. xavier School Jawalakhel.. I play and enjoy every day with my friends . 


Soon  I will post more things about my  journey  . keep on reading and following  me .

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