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Donate, host a fundraiser, explore employer programs or just make some noise. Help us do more!


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A key mission of our organization is to rectify inequities within the healthcare system.  The financial toxicity of cancer is one of the most debilitating side effects, and vulnerable populations are more negatively impacted. Our programs strive to remove barriers like cost, location, awareness and representation to improve patient outcomes for all cancer patients.

Our Vision is that Oncology Yoga is prescribed and available to all those touched by cancer, regardless of the economic, social, racial, or geographic barriers they may face.

yoga4cancer is an evidenced informed Oncology Yoga method designed to manage the physical and emotional impact of cancer, improve quality of life and daily functioning, reduce cancer recurrence and other co-morbidities. Our organization provides free resources for survivors, training programs for high-quality professionals and advocates for Oncology Yoga through outreach, education and research.

We have a broad list of projects that are aimed to provide better access and outreach to low income and underserved cancer survivors. These include:

  • Free Oncology Yoga Classes
  • Scholarships and Training Resources for Professionals
  • Reserach Projects
  • Yoga Props and Resources

We need our community to help!

  • Host a fundraiser! Host a donation class. Cocktail party. Run a raffle. Do a birthday campaign. Make it simple but focused on providing support. 
  • Donate. From $5 to $500, anything will help. 
  • Ask an employer for support. Large employers look for outreach programs.  Could that be us? 
  • Share with your community. Spread awareness of the campaign and what we do.  

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