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Girls Rock NC is a youth-centered organization dedicated to building community and power among girls, transgender youth, and gender expansive youth through musical collaboration, political education for social change, and creative expression. 

Thank you so much for making a monetary contribution to us! Funds donated to our organization directly support our work in a variety of ways such as:

• covering tuition for campers receiving financial assistance and Equity Scholarships

• offering stipends/hourly pay to year round staff, summer staff and volunteers

• paying our rent at The Fruit, our storage locker, and our summer camp venues

• offering volunteer appreciation through the form of food, drinks, and celebrations

• buying reused and thrifted arts & crafts supplies for campers and volunteers

• covering legal expenses required of non-profits such as insurance fees and taxes

To learn a little more about our work, get to know our Core Values! These Core Values keep us aligned in the ever-shifting and evolving work we do.

Youth Power

We believe that young people are inherently powerful and capable of determining, communicating, and addressing their own needs and interests. We commit to prioritizing intergenerational collaboration and holding space for youth to access their power. We facilitate spaces where young people can openly discuss the issues that impact them. We provide tools and resources for youth to build the world they wish to live in.

Creative Transformation

We believe in the power of art and creativity to inspire empathy, foster connection, and spark conversation. We believe that art is an accessible and collaborative mode of organizing that enables us to envision and actualize the collective liberation we desire. We commit to fostering a loud and celebratory movement while supporting the artists and creative thinkers who give it shape.

Intersectional Gender Justice

Drawing from Kimberlé Crenshaw’s concept of Intersectionality, we believe that by centering the liberation of those who are the most marginalized, we can achieve the liberation of all. We ground our actions in the shared understanding that people who face multiple forms of oppression are especially equipped with the tools and wisdom to dismantle these structures. We commit to centering the voices of people most impacted by racism, sexism, cissexism, classism, ableism, colonization, and other forms of systemic oppression as we work towards the liberation of those facing marginalization on the basis of gender.

Adaptive Accessibility

We believe that everyone should have what they need to thrive and recognize that each individual carries the local expertise to assess and communicate their own needs at any given time. We believe that in order for our work to be effective, it must be physically, financially, and linguistically accessible. We commit to cultivating spaces that are adaptable and intentional – continuously welcoming, meeting, and uplifting the specific, non-static needs of the individuals in our community.

Community Sustainability

We believe that in order for our community to thrive, we must nourish and sustain the individuals who comprise it and the planet that shelters it. We prioritize the wellness of people in our ecosystem above profit and productivity by distributing power, celebrating radical rest, and combatting urgency. We consider the wellness of the planet when making decisions about resources, land use, and environmental impact. We commit to building resilient processes, systems, and programs that can withstand great environmental, societal, and political unrest. 

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