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Support Ukrainian Volunteers Directly 

Dear friends and colleagues,

The disastrous war in Ukraine is still raging. A major factor in mitigating its terrible consequences is the efforts of small local volunteer organizations.

We — a group of Ukrainian and Russian students and researchers from US and European universities — ask you to help volunteers in the areas of Ukraine most affected by the war.

Members of volunteer organizations help others, putting their own lives at risk every day. For example, Team Volchkova and Liki Kharkiv provide the necessary medication to the civil people in Kharkiv, Station Kharkiv delivers food to people in urgent need and helps to evacuate Ukrainians from hot spots; Dnipro Fund restocks local hospitals suffering from shortages; Rotary Club New Level distributes humanitarian aid and supports children.

Fundraising for Maternity Hospital in Kharkiv is now over. Thank you! Currently collecting for children camp with Rotary Club. Please donate!

Join us in supporting these volunteer organizations!

Donating to volunteers is one of the most direct and efficient ways to help Ukraine. Scholars for Ukraine, in partnership with a non-profit, Grains of Good, stays in close touch with the selected volunteer organizations and splits the donations among them. You can find more details about the supported organizations below.

Warm wishes and sincere thanks,

Scholars for Ukraine

Details of this fundraiser

We selected four small volunteer organizations currently operating in Ukraine on the basis of their local impact and trustworthiness. We personally know volunteers in each of these organizations. For each organization below we provide a short description of their efforts, information about their current expenses, and the donation goal.

Current Partners:

Grains of Good
The Grains of Good Foundation, a California-based 501(c)(3), non-profit, raising funds to enhance children's lives, with a primary focus on ensuring every child's access to quality education. The foundation helps underprivileged children by improving hospital conditions, providing parental support, purchasing wheelchairs, and promoting inclusive educational environments. 
Team Volchkova
The Volchkov Team Volunteers from Kharkiv emerged as a community organization driven by a shared commitment to assist those affected by the war from its onset. Their focus is the war-affected territories, where they provided essential supplies, medications, and assistance to communities without electricity, heat, or communication. Despite the tragic loss of Yuri Volchkov in an artillery shelling on March 16 2022 the team continued his legacy.
Liki Kharkiv

A tiny group of three wonderful volunteers procures and sends the necessary medication to the civil people of Kharkiv and region. Up to now, they have been using their life savings and student stipends to help the most vulnerable people. One of them is a student at Harvard, he is responsible for the telegram chat-bot through which people of Kharkiv send requests for medicines. Two others are working on the ground, in Ukraine, they process and vet the requests, communicate with people, and send the medicine orders.

On average, each request takes $40 to fulfill. Every month, they literally save the lives of around 75 people.

Dnipro Fund

Kate Slinchenkova, a recent graduate of Cornell, is a founder of Dnipro Fund. Kate's grandfather works at the ICU in Dnipro’s Sixth City Hospital. The funds will be split between this hospital, Zdorove Pokolinya clinic, and a local volunteer who supplies shelters and other hospitals, as needed.

The average medication/tools order from the City hospital is about $3,000/week, and they are experiencing a severe shortage in funding. Zdorove Pokolinya established an emergency account to fund refugee medical expenses for those who flee with nothing.

Past Partners:

Rotary Club Kharkiv "New Level"

The volunteers from this nonprofit organization acquire and distribute approximately 4 tons of humanitarian aid a day. They have several projects and provide detailed financial breakdowns. One can always choose to donate to a specific project. We are going to direct the funds to projects dedicated to helping civilians and hospitals. "New Level" is endorsed by the city of Kharkiv.

To continue to provide food and other necessities in the current volumes New Level needs at least $2,800 a day. 

Station Kharkiv

Station Kharkiv is a nonprofit organization established in 2014 by the father of a deceased friend of a member of our team (an MIT undergraduate). In the current war, this organization provides aid to struggling residents of Kharkiv in bomb shelters by delivering food and medications; helps the refugees with living and work arrangements; provides mental health counseling and more. Station Kharkiv is endorsed by Nova Ukraine. 

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