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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Toucan Rescue Ranch

Join us for the 2nd Call for Artists Fundraiser. A campaign where donating and art come together!


raised by 163 people

$7,000 goal


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#1: Anna D’Amore (16)  

 1,711 PTS - “Increase of Habitat"

Location: NY, USA | ink and colored pencil
Her wish: "..increase of habitat."


#2: 1,211.5 PTS - "Save Us!" by Salina M. Mauritzen (23)

Salina M. Mauritzen (23) | @thetravelbabe8
Acrylics| Copenhagen, Denmark
"...we must stand together as one to make Mother Earth a wonderful (and greener) place to live - for our nature, our animals and for us."


#3: 751 PTS - "La Revancha"

by Karina Siliézar Delgado (33) | @karina.siliezardelgado

Costa Rica | Digital Creation | Her wish: "..(that) nature will have recovered at least a little of what we have destroyed as humans beings."


David McEown (50)

576 PTS - "Two-Toed Sloth"

Vancouver, Canada | watercolour on paper
“(...)I was concerned at how these amazing creature will survive if their natural habitat is not protected, but was so was heart warmed to see the education and rescue, release efforts made by TRR.."


Pamela Mielke (69) 506 PTS - "Happy Frogs"

@arlynedesign | Monterey, California | Colored pencil
Inspiration: "I visited your toucan rescue last year with Mindy.What a wonderful place. I fell in love with Costa Rica."


Mindy Lighthipe (59) with
566 PTS - "In a Perfect World"

Florida, USA | Watercolor, Ink, Pencil "Inspiration:
"I am passionate about drawing the beauty of nature. I believe in protecting the earth and do so by educating people through my art. My goal is to record the earth’s species in the 21st century and educate people to preserve it."


261 PTS - “Upside Down Thriving”
by Baylee Vasquez (21) | @__.baylee |

 Tuscaloosa, Alabama (USA) | Acrylics
Her wish: "... is for all animals to be able to thrive in a clean, beautiful environment for many years to come."


256 PTS - "Bowl of Oatmeal"

by Emily Blanco (20) | @esbunn / @emy._.b
Hialeah, FL | Pencil, Gouache | Her wish:
"(...) for more people to fall in love with our animals and have it in their hearts to help us all reach better earth."


229 PTS - “Possum City"

by Georgie Ross (24) | @yaryorgeorgie
Sydney, Australia | Pen & watercolour | Inspiration:
“When I interned for toucan rescue ranch, the biggest surprise I had was the amount of love I had for baby opossums. This is Miguel & Tulio - raised from fearful orphanage into fierce wild boys - possum city was built to help them learn to climb“


201 PTS - "Smile"

by Lily Tamo (13) | Grass Valley, CA | Acrylics
"I painted this “smiley” guy after my family visited your sanctuary in October 2019. My wish is that people take time to learn about all of the wildlife around them and try to protect it.”


201 PTS - “Wild & Free"

by Talia Harris (28) | @talmarie_
Mandurah, Western Australia | watercolour & ink pen| Inspiration:
“I felt so inspired by the amazing work done by the TRR team and felt so lucky to contribute to an organisation fighting for Costa Rica's incredible wildlife“


201 PTS - "Sloth Love"

by Allison Ruiz (24) | @alliesloth
USA | Oil Paint | Her wish is:
"..for all wildlife to have love and comfort since animals have always brought me comfort all throughout my life."


176 PTS - "Let the Toucans Live Peacefully"

by Nicolas Obando Benavides (7) | Escazú, San José, Costa Rica

Colored pencils | "Let the Toucans Live Peacefully"


156 PTS - "Hope"

by Rebecca Forward (27) | @rebeccaforward
Location: Nosara | Pencil | Her wish:
"... is for (all) the suffering caused by  power lines to stop."


126 PTS - "Mirror Image"

by Teresa Gonzalez (71) | Toronto, Canada | Acrylics
"I love the idea of Toucan Ranch and think you deserve all the support possible."


126 PTS - "A Helping Hand"

by Saege Stewart (15) | Ontario, Canada/Costa Rica
Digital panting | Her wish:
"I painted this painting because a helping hand can be from anyone whether it’s direct or from a distance. It could be a volunteer, a donation or an effort to protect animals."


111 PTS - "Mysterious Margay"

by David Derrick (42) | @davederrickjr
Planet Earth | Pen and ink
"Costa Rica is one of my favorite places- last year while in Arenal I say a Margay and sketched it. It was life-changing."


101 PTS - "Treasures of Costa Rica"

by Aniko Toth(30) | @mants89
Hungary | origami and color pencils
"(...) my favorite animals are sloths"


100 PTS - "Sloth Love II"

by  Fenna Curinckx (17)  | Belgium
Created with Charcoal| Her wish:
"..protect our planet, it’s the only planet with sloths! "


91 PTS - "Reclamation"

by Ruaridh Macpherson-Bandres  (28)
Costa Rica | Colour pencil | Inspiration:
"After taking so much for so long I think that it is time to give something back to Nature."


& that's a wrap! We are speechless by the overwhelming support of this fundraiser!

A Relief Fund for TRR:

The Toucan Rescue Ranch (TRR) is in solidarity with its country, Costa Rica (and the world) as it loses one of its most lucrative and major sectors: Tourism.
Many rescue centers, tour agencies, hotels, restaurants, and dozens of other industries are suffering from the effects of coronavirus and the borders closing to international tourism. TRR has certainly been among those that are experiencing a loss, having 50% less overall income, forcing employee cuts, and putting a halt to certain programs altogether.

However, the show must go on for all those working in places such as veterinary clinics, hospitals, and rescue centers. As the country takes necessary precautions to ensure public safety, TRR still needs to attend to the 320 animals in its care. Our main source of income is from its educational walks from both national and international visitors. On March 18, we followed suit with Costa Rica and decided to close its doors to the public until borders reopen on May 15. Due to this, we have lost our main source of income as well as the ability to accept new international volunteers and interns.

How it's Affected Toucan Rescue Ranch: 

Amid COVID-19, we need the public’s help to continue to feed the dozens of sloths, toucans, macaws, parrots, owls, cats, and other mammals in our care.
The money raised from our educational walks directly benefits our wildlife clinic where we treat, rehabilitate, and release dozens of animals. It helps us feed and care for the animals who are provided sanctuary at TRR and allows us to continue with our educational, release, and reforestation programs.

During this crisis, we are having to make major cuts to keep the lights on and water running.  Our primary goal is to keep the animals in our care from feeling the effects of this situation – we are continuing to provide premier medical treatment, nutritious diets, and frequent enrichment. 

Donations from this campaign will help us cover an entire month's worth of costs for our animal care needs.

Art & Donor Involvement:  

In 2019, Toucan Rescue Ranch launched its first-ever Call for Artists crowdfunding campaign. During that year's efforts, we raised $8,839 with 63 donors from all over the world for new medical equipment for its headquarters clinic! We overreached our goal by $6,272 and were able to purchase an anesthesia machine, operation lamp, IV Stand, and autoclave.
All of that equipment is in daily use to this day. With 41 submissions from our first campaign, we hope to have those people submit again and (perhaps even) MORE.

🌎 This year's campaign will act as a RELIEF FUND, which will help us maintain our daily animal-care operations. The money raised from this campaign will help us with our mission to feed, treat, rehabilitate, enrich, and release wildlife! 

FOR DONORS: How do I Vote? 

  • 💸 $1.00 donated = 1 VOTE  
    • To VOTE for a submission:
      • Make a "DEDICATION NOTE" when donating right here on MightyCause. A step-by-step video has been provided at the bottom of this page on how to do so.
  • The artwork that receives the MOST VOTES by the end of the voting period (May  30 at 8:00 p.m. Costa Rican Time) is the WINNER! 
  • Your donation is manually updated on the RANKING SHEET & UPDATES. You will get a confirmation email from
  • You can use VENMO to vote for a piece of artwork! Please just follow the same guidelines above.

Ranking Spreadsheet



  • Virtual tour of your choice
  • FREE winning CustomInk T-Shirt
  • Artist of the Year Title and Certificate 


  • Virtual tour of your choice
  • Artist of the Year Runner-Up Title and Certificate


  • Virtual tour of your choice

Artwork Submission Guidelines:

SUBMISSION PERIOD CLOSED - Submit (email) your artwork to

  1. What to include with your submission:
    1. Name of Artist 
    2. Age of Artist 
    3. Your Location
    4. Title of Artwork 
    5. Medium Used (oils, acrylics, colored pencil, clay, etc.)
  2. Recommended: 
    1. Your Social Media Handle(s) 
    2. The Inspiration Behind Your Submission
  3. TRR will post submissions on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
    Once posted, we will encourage people to VOTE (donate toward) their favorite submission.
  4. The artwork with the most VOTES (donations) wins and will be used on our next CustomInk T-Shirt fundraising campaign.
  5. Don't be discouraged, if your artwork does not win, TRR will surely make sure you are recognized with a "Recognition Post".


  1. You may only submit ONE(1) piece of artwork.
  2. The submission period 🕦 ENDS MAY 15 AT 11:59 P.M. CST Time zone.
  3. The artwork must follow the theme of 🐵"YOUR WISH FOR WILDLIFE"
  4. A parent must submit your artwork if you are a minor with all the necessary information.
  5. Only artwork submitted through EMAIL ( will be considered for this contest.
  6. 🚫 No photography as art submissions.

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