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Communities for Clean Water 


Communities for Clean Water (CCW) is a coalition of organizations whose mission is to ensure that community waters impacted by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) are kept safe for drinking, agriculture, sacred ceremonies, and a sustainable future.

Communities for Clean Water has received a Community Organizing Grant from the Peace Development Fund and all of the money raised from this fundraiser will be added to that grant to help support their organizing in 2020.  Please consider making a contribution today to support them and read more about their work below.


General operations funding will support our 4 core programs:

A.      Messaging Campaign — to create and disseminate a cohesive overarching message about our work and our vision for the future of a Northern New Mexico with clean water and healthy communities.

B.    The Youth Education Campaign — to continue engaging diverse youth in Northern New Mexico in an educational dialogue about a positive vision for change at LANL that will protect our water resources.

C.    The Groundwater Campaign — to advocate for better groundwater protection practices at LANL, using the over 50-year old Radioactive Liquid Waste Treatment Facility groundwater discharge and chromium contamination plume permit processes as a springboard for broader water issues at LANL.

D.    The Stormwater Campaign — to stop the discharge of toxic stormwater in the Río Grande Watershed.

How is Communities for Clean Water helping their community work toward justice through the COVID-19 pandemic?

"Communities for Clean Water (CCW), based in Northern New Mexico, informs communities of on-going work at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) as it affects their health, water and sacred creation. CCW participates in federal and state Clean Water Act permitting and is now addressing LANL's challenges to New Mexico's water quality standards, including for PFASs and PCBs.

Our communities are at the table at a time when LANL plans to expand fabrication of plutonium pits, the radioactive triggers for nuclear weapons. Such plans are misguided and a waste of taxpayer money. On January 22, 2021, the international Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons took effect. CCW advocates for the transition of such funding to be used for comprehensive cleanup at LANL, and for clean air and protection of water, including the Rio Grande."


Communities for Clean Water is a participant in Grassroots Funding Week, a week-long crowdfunding campaign that supports several social justice organizations from across the country. 

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For more information, visit: 

The Peace Development Fund works to build the capacity of community-based organizations through grants, training and other resources as partners in human rights and social justice movements.

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